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Start Cup 2019: the Business Plan Competition, Phase II, is ready to start

Now that the Phase I, the Ideas Competition, is over, the Phase II, the Business Plan Competition, will give access to the final selection and prizes.

The Ideas Competition - Phase I, whose prize is the support to the drafting of the Business Plan, has ended. The ideas selection process is in progress: only the projects selected by the tutors of the individual incubators will be contacted. A ranking list for Phase I will not be published and no individual response will be provided to individual proposers.

The Business Plan Competition - Phase II is the more important of the two, the one that gives access to the final selection and prizes. It is open to everyone, even if they did not make the first selection and even if they did not submit an idea to Phase I.

In order to participate in Phase II, competitors must submit a complete Business Plan of their project by 6 pm on July 24, 2019. To facilitate the drafting of the Business Plan, a brief summary is available in the dedicated section as an example.

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