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Instant Future and Start Cup 2018 together to celebrate Italian ingenuity

Thanks to the collaboration with PNI Cube and the regional Start Cups, the Italian Factor project offers an archive of experiences of innovative Italian startups.

Instant Future is an editorial project that narrates the future. It is both a television program broadcast on more than 130 digital terrestrial channels, made up of in-depth reports and curiosity pills, and a web platform (, updated daily with articles and videos that narrate the transformation of our world.

In a language that everyone can understand, it explains what tomorrow holds in store for us: new technologies, advances in research, and the most innovative lifestyles. Within Instant Future there is the Italian Factor project, which aims to celebrate Italian ingenuity. Thanks to the collaboration with PNI Cube, the National Award for Innovation, and the regional Start Cups, there is an archive that collects and recounts the experiences of innovative Italian startups and gives voice to cutting-edge projects yet to be realized. A sort of large album that new entrepreneurs can use as a megaphone to make their reality known and that other companies already established in the area can take as a point of reference to create new collaborations.

Whether you take part in the first or second phase of the competition, if you want to give greater prominence to your project and guarantee it greater diffusion, shoot a video of your entrepreneurial project and send it to the editorial office of Instant Future, accompanied by all the material requested.


For more information:

Segreteria Organizzativa Start Cup Piemonte Valle d’Aosta
I3P, Incubatore Imprese Innovative Politecnico di Torino
Tel. +39 011 090 5127 - +39 011 090 3209 - Email

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